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I’m seriously considering making a braid-style client for slack, for use at work. cut down on the fomo & irrelevant notifications


@jaredly cool, any threading, or just the 'inbox' style? would be open to having slack integrations added to Braid client


not sure. thinking about just having each channel be a thread simple_smile the more interesting ideas are about notifications — e.g., I probably care about the first few messages after I post (if there were no immediate replies), so surface that for me, and in some channels I actually don’t want to be notified for at-channel messages, etc.


it could be interesting to do some heuristics to try to infer threads from a flat slack discussion simple_smile


I’d guess you could get pretty far just by time-boxing — e.g. if there’s a break for more than 10 minutes, and the new message doesn’t contain an at-mention of one of the last 3 speakers, then start a new conversation


i agree, i think you could get quite far with some heuristics


we're planning on starting integrations work for Braid, and can bump that up to facilitate a Braid-Slack integration


also, it may be possible to add meta-data to posts being sent to Braid to help facilitate threading


hmm doesn’t look like custom meta-data is supported by slack