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@rafd May I get an invite? Thanks.


hey @rafd can i get an invite too ? thanks!


@laforge49: We're having an issue with Braid that looks like what you have run into. Any suggestions?

jamesnvc9:55 PM Jan 28
<#C03S1L9DN> need to figure out how to make figwheel compile cljc files
driving me crazy

raf3:23 AM
issue w/ fighweel or cljsbuild?

raf3:25 AM
if figwheel, you can add the following to the figwheel script: :reload-clj-files {:clj false :cljc true}

jamesnvc8:50 AM
figwheel, I guess?
It tries to reload when the cljc changes, but it just pops up an error saying it can't find util__init.class or whatever


Anyone who has gotten an invite to Braid and taken a look might want to revisit it as we have recently cleaned up my prior stress-testing and made it a friendlier environment.


Would also be interested in hearing from folks that tried it and didn't like it.