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Just wanted to throw a few things in 😛 - I'm always a little bit critical when I hear "new chat app" because there is so much great software out there. You can easily leverage xmpp / irc / etc and build a nice UI on top - Also why not gitter? Most of our channels here (if not all?) are centered around repositories. Gitter is getting traction and has a free plan for these kind of rooms. - For writing a server I want to mention Elixir / erlang has socket and real time handling baked deep into the VM and was the first thing I thought about when I heard "we write a chat application". Points for phoenix are socket integration sdks for almost every major language. Plus, chats are incredible simple to build: / my 2c


need to check out the work being done with #C0GCNE3B3


looks like it is shaping up nicely


@rafd: I will try but I'm moving in the morning and will be out most of the day tomorrow and not sure I can pull an all-nighter tonight (10pm here now) so can't promise you


but now that I figured this out you know it has changed my view on things and my tickets will reflect that so I don't think we have to worry too much about forgetting this


got a minute


can I be critical back


please hurry because you've really pissed me off, not that I think you give a darn


I wonder why I feel that way


welcome to my home, feel free to dump a load of crap on it as soon as you enter - nice


and I'm supposed to be quiet about it and fake politeness


are you putting your money where your mouth is


"You can easily leverage xmpp / irc / etc and build a nice UI on top"


we must all be idiots then


I have to assume you haven't read a single thing that's already been discussed here or on #C0CB40N8K


"Also why not gitter?"


that's why


we went and tried it


didn't work


not good enough


not up to par


"Plus, chats are incredible simple to build"


I guess we're just idiots wasting our time then because we're working our asses off and it is anything but easy. But hey, don't let that stop you from your "Just wanted to throw a few things in 😛 " bullshit.


worth every penny


can't wait to see what the haters have to say to me now


@meow: these were just some thoughts - didn't want to insult you or anything like that. That was definitely not my intention. I'm sorry if I did I read through the gitter chat history but didn't think the reasons were enough to completely rule it out: - Channels creation: "Mostly" channels are just about a certain piece of technology - be it datomic, reagent, clojurescript, figwheel or similar. Channels like #C03RZGPG1 and #C03RZGPG3 can be created from the beginning and just linked from the readme / wiki. - Discoverability: I'm not sure that's that valid either. If I need help or want to talk about a certain piece of technology I join that room in particular. If I wouldn't have the channel listing from slack, I would check the README of that project to see where the main channel for support is. A big listing of all possible channels is - in my opinion - not that important - Difficulty to join: I think slack is a lot harder to join. Only thanks to slack-in it is now easier to join a organisation. Gitter works with github oauth so it just takes you 1 click in the beginning and then never again. I agree that channel linking is a bummer but if you use it through irc that problem is gone too Maybe you could give me a short summery why you think it's a no-no The other technology suggestions were just things that also exist in this field and could make life a lot easier. I snooped over the repo and wanted to drop some thoughts that I collected over the days - I used xmpp / irc for chat implementations in the past, that's why the suggestion for that - multithreading and socket handling is a lot easier in erlang / elixir in comparison to java that's why the suggestion for that All these technologies allow easy(ier) integration with other platforms. Most OS already have support or great apps for xmpp / irc based systems and the power of something like phoenix is that integration doesn't take that long thanks to the great sdks out there. With xmpp / irc - even if you don't have a pretty web ui yet - it is still completely functional to the core and very very stable. I'm not a hater - at all. I like the idea of building a solution for this problem - especially something that could be easily adapted and deployed for different organisations because I am sure more will face this question - but I think starting from completely 0 will take a ton of time and resources. If you don't have someone working on it full time, it will take forever to catch up with just a small feature set of what other solutions have to offer. Maybe you can get a "ok"-ish webapp running but I don't know, I personally wouldn't like having a website tab open the entire time


@dvcrn: Thank you. You and I are going to get along fabulously. You have given me much to think about. I am very intrigued by what you have said. I will take a look at gitter again. I created gitter rooms for several of my github repos but they get no traffic so I never got much experience with them. I'm nomadic and moving to a new location in a few hours so I don't have time for much more in the way of a reply now, but I'm certain we will be talking about this more as we proceed. Again, welcome. 😈


Namaste everyone...


Gonna be a beautiful day, I can feel it.


I'm here for about 3 more hours, then gone for a day.


@dvcrn thanks for your feedback, started a list of concerns / responses re: braid here:


@dvcrn I would share the links you posted in #C0CB40N8K b/c that's where the 'where should clojurians go?' discussions is happening; here in Braid, we've already decided to build an app


[braid updates]: moved things from the /braid wiki to braid/meta:


@meow I added tasks re: compact mode and user preferences; it will likely take a while for these as they are more 'nice to haves' vs. a whole bunch of 'chat is useless to me' features that we have to do


aside: what's the idiom that refers to unearthing an old conversation?


there's "beating a dead horse..." but I think there is another...


Necromancing is often used in email threads I believe


NtS - Necromancing The Stone


that was for you


I'm not sure about emails, but I've seen necro'ing used on forums a lot.


Figured : V


excellent, thanks simple_smile (just adding a feature idea: when trying to comment on a very old thread, it will first ask you if you're sure you want to necro -- vs just start a new thread that refers to it)


Looks even scarier than the beast of Caer Bannog : V