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Hi short question: how exactly do i pass arguments to my program through boot run? i saw that there is a -a flag but i don't get how i can pass multiple arguments like boot run -a -i somefile.txt -o someotherfile.txt


ok wow i solved my issue by running boot run -a '-i' -a 'somefile.txt' -a '-o' -a 'someotherfile.txt' but still thanks!


I'm trying to run a repl with boot using JDK 11 on windows... Even when the java path is set to JDK11, running boot repl always seems to use JDK8... Is there any way to force boot repl to use JDK11 (on windows, in Linux, I have no issues at all)?


@kurt-o-sys sounds like it could be issue with windows path. when you type java -v in windows, does it report jdk11 or jdk8?


@alandipert @kurt-o-sys this is a known issue with the windows build, the current java exe wrapper doesn’t support new versions of the openjdk


Run boot using WSL instead, it has better support


@alandipert it shows JDK11 @flyboarder yeah, that's what I do now, but WSL doesn't integrate very well with an IDE 🙂. Anyway, I'll probably try to run graphical programs using WSL. Should be possible. (Or just drop Windows again - I decided to give Windows another chance, without much of a success 😛 )


@kurt-o-sys our designer is running boot via WSL and VS Code within Windows, both accessing the same files. It works ok.


There are registry hacks for the exec wrapper, they have been noted on GitHub issues


yeah, they access the same files, that's not the issue... it's about the REPL, and shortkeys copying buffers to the repl etc.


Ah I see what you mean


well, I'll manage, good to know it is an issue on win.


Im planning to work on it, but we need to change a lot before we will get native windows support


np, and thx. I'll figure something