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i just created a hoplon project using the hoplon template, when I run boot dev maven is requiring all versions of clojure, been like 5mins of downloading...


Hey — anybody know of a way to avoid this? Classpath conflict: org.clojure/tools.reader version 0.7.2 already loaded, ALSO loading version 1.3.2


boot show -d is not showing anything else adding version 0.7.2, just showing [org.clojure/tools.reader "1.3.2"] and a few deps with org.clojure/tools.reader in the exclusions


I auto-generated a project.clj which contains the deps from my build.boot and did lein deps :tree but same result of not showing anything interesting. That said, lein is picking the right version (1.3.2)


@vinnyataide it should only be downloading the pom files and this will only happen with boot on first-run, the next version will improve this drastically


@alexandergunnarson you are looking for boot show -p