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@alexyakushev I like that idea a lot


I wonder also about going the other way and removing as much repl stuff as possible


I think it would be great to see the REPL-based tooling shift to fully client-based and work with a bare REPL, like unrepl/unravel.


^ I was pushing towards this direction at some point (even had an unconference during the Berlin's EuroClojure) but there is some work around it and honestly not too many people willing to fiddle with tooling - as you know the community is small. I was using lumo and heavily contributing to inf-clojure at the time. I felt like Don Quixote simple_smile I then moved to cider again, trying slowly to add pieces - not that many actually - so that one day current tooling could be easily run on bare socket REPL. @bozhidar actually did even more: he split the current middleware stuff in a library called orchard which is not tied in any way to nRepl, he split the bencode part out as well. Again, good step towards that direction, we'll slowly get there IMHO.


It'll be interesting to see what gets built on top of prepl. nREPL's always felt too... "complicated"... and bulky... We run a bare socket REPL in our production apps and we can use unrepl to connect, with compliment to provide some niceties. It'll be nice to see Rebel Readline able to connect to prepl...