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Alex Miller (Clojure team)00:08:48

I don’t understand what you’re asking


@alexmiller the primary reason I’ve been using boot is for dependency management. From what I gather there is a built-in solution in Clojure for this exact purpose? (i.e. specify and download dependencies)


@hmaurer If all you're using Boot for is dependencies -- for a REPL or running code -- then clj will do what you need.


If you want to build JAR files, there are several options. depstar and juxt/pack both work with just deps.edn/clj. Or you could use boot-tools-deps to leverage deps.edn/clj but let Boot build artifacts from that.


(we've had our deps in external EDN files with Boot for years so we're looking at switching over to deps.edn/clj for a lot of day-to-day stuff)