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Hi all, running into another issue. I have a boot task that downloads a js lib to the fileset, and then compiles it as a foreign lib. Here is a simplified version of the task:

(comp (download :url "package-url"
                :target "package.js")
      (sass :output-style :compressed)
      (cljs :optimizations :advanced
            {:foreign-libs [{:file "package.js"
                             :provides ["package"]}]})
The issue I'm seeing is that it compiles great the first time, but when the code reloads, it throws a for package.js. Have I structured the task correctly? I would have though the download puts the file in the fileset once, and then it's there for every iteration of watch.


How does this work again?

(deftask foo
    [r records int "number of records"]

(boot.core/boot "foo" "-r" "100")
;;=> No such task (100)


And (foo "-r" "100") works, but returns {:records 1} :thinking_face:


ok, I should probably insert VAL


@borkdude I believe if you want to pass in a value along with -r you need an extra arg in the task def. See here,, the 3. Optarg. It indicates that option is not just a flag.