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Sorry folks, will need to find some time to fix that


Or revert the change, I don't know how many folks use the pom parent feature


Would it suffice to expand (sequential? type) to (and (sequential? type) (= 1 (count type))) since that would un-break all the [str] common use versions out there, while letting the [sym ver path] style destructuring thru?


Yep I wanted to actually fix that exactly that way ;)


There are also test files there if I remember correctly


I look forward to Boot 2.8.2 🙂


Hi all, tried upgrading boot today to 2.8.1 to go along with the new s3-private-wagon (1.3.2), and I can't seem to figure out how to get the credentials to load. I keep getting Secret key cannot be null errors when attempting to connect to the private s3 repo. The credential provider is finding the s3 passphrase, and I can see the passphrase in the repository entry when I do (:repositories (get-env)) from the repl. I'm using a pretty minimal test build. Has anyone managed to get 2.8.1 working with s3-private-wagon?


@zalky Wasn't there a breaking change to how SSL/TLS is handled in 2.8.x?