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does boot parse the CLASSPATHS env-variable for colon seperated classpaths, if not, is there an alternative way to feed boot a colon seperated classpath without modifying build.boot ?


By using set-env! :source-paths, I add an absolute path to org_clojure_clojure-1.9.0.jar, still boot tries to download clojure

Could not transfer artifact org.clojure:clojure:pom:1.9.0 from/to clojars (): : Name or service not known
the pom file is inside the jar, don't get it. I need to use boot in offline mode for what Im doing.


I could try to set these jars in an .m2 directory... I try that


we've recently upgraded from 2.7.2 to 2.8.1 at work, and this task that was working is now complaining clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: option :target must be of type [str]


That seems to be quite an important breaking change...

$  boot -d boot/new new -t app -n taskarg
$  cd taskarg/
$  cat build.boot 
(deftask run
  "Run the project."
  [a args ARG [str] "the arguments for the application."]
  (with-pass-thru fs
    (require '[taskarg.core :as app])
    (apply (resolve 'app/-main) args)))
$  boot run -a foo
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: option :args must be of type [str]
        clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: option :args must be of type [str]
That works just fine in 2.7.2.


The docs indicate this should work

Options can also be sets or vectors. Multiple use of the option on the command line conjes items onto the set or vector.