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So, I´ll start try using boot, can I use lein templates? How do I use something like reagent-template in boot?


@fabrao boot-new will use lein-templates (if no boot-template exists with that name) but the generated project will look however the author of the template wrote it (i.e., project.clj or build.boot per their choice).


so, after that, do I have to convert project.clj to build.boot? Because I tried it for reagent but it generated lein project.clj.


@fabrao I don't know if there is a Boot-based template for Reagent apps.


As I said, the type of project you get will depend on the template you use -- and the author's choice of build tool.


Mostly it's fairly straightforward to convert project.clj to build.boot -- but if it's ClojureScript-based, you'll need to get advice from other folks here as I know next to nothing about cljs...


I just ran a "new" with the reagent template and there's a lot of stuff in that project.clj so I'm not sure what a Boot version would look like @fabrao -- and I must admit I'm a bit surprised there isn't a Boot version of it.


@seancorfield that is because I didn´t migrate to boot yet, it is too complicate for me until now try converting it to boot


@seancorfield Now I understand the benefit of using boot. Everything is dynamic. Adding dependency and evaluate set-env! again, it will load it. I can integrate with my code and use it in deftask as normal clojure is very useful. Is that boot startup faster than lein?


Well, until now, I did same thing as lein project and the startup time is faster than lein