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Hey sorry to spam this room but I am getting back into some cljs development and I am getting the following error when running (start-repl) java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can’t change/establish root binding of: cljs-repl-env with set I have been checking compatible versions of libs and saw some info about nrepl middleware from piggieback. Has anybody else encountered this issue and have some clues? My project is working fine and I can test and reload in browser so technically I am not stuck just obsessed with what is happening. #fishing


Do you have a repo i can clone to try and play around with?


might help?


I'm having the same issue, using a fresh boot project created with the tenzing template.


It seems like this is a common problem that people have had maybe due to dependencies getting out of sync, but since I don't have an understanding of how everything pegs together I'm not sure really where to start with troubleshooting...


This occurs just in a bare boot repl launched in the terminal.