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Is there a way to add your :resource-paths to a pod?


Ah, it seems :directories key does it instead of :resource-paths.


@kenny Actually I suspect that your file has been loaded correctly, but Cursive doesn’t print the “done” if there’s any output on stderr during the load, assuming that it’s some kind of error message about what went wrong. If it’s harmless then the ns should have loaded correctly.


Hello, when I'm adding a local dependency as a :checkouts dep my boot task fails to run, it crashes with Provided artifact is missing a version: [nil]. I nailed down the problem a little bit : the boot task I use add some files from the jar of this dependency into the fileset with (sift :add-jar {'my/dependency #"my-regex"}). It seems incompatible somehow with checkouts feature, or it's a bug.


We need some of the files inside the jar to be in the ":resource-paths" for this boot task (and a few others), maybe there's a better than someone here knows of.


In case you didn't understand, I'm asking for help here 😅


> boot -V
#Fri Jan 12 11:40:07 CET 2018


After talking with some people, we realized that we should instead copy manually the files from the dependency manually, since a jar is not supposed to change and not rely on checkouts + watch + shift


we need to copy files from the dependency into some target directory of our project (handlebars templates and some .edn files)

Petrus Theron11:01:46

How do I debug an error like this, where boot knows exactly what went wrong where, but I have no idea where I'm mentioning a namespace "d" that doesn't exist. Line 14 doesn't tell me where to look:

boot repl 
   Boot.main            258
                                 boot.main/-main                     main.clj:  216
                              boot.main/-main/fn                     main.clj:  216
                                clojure.core/load-string                     core.clj: 4055
                                 clojure.core/load-reader                     core.clj: 4053
                                   clojure.core/require                     core.clj: 5947 (repeats 2 times)
                                         clojure.core/apply                     core.clj:  659
                                 clojure.core/load-libs                     core.clj: 5909

                          my-project.core.server/eval14709                   server.clj:    1
               my-project.core.server/eval14709/loading--auto--                   server.clj:    1
                         my-project.core.handler/eval17829                  handler.clj:    1
              my-projectand.core.handler/eval17829/loading--auto--                  handler.clj:    1
                                    clojure.core/require                     core.clj: 5947 (repeats 2 times)
                                      clojure.core/apply                     core.clj:  659
java.lang.RuntimeException: No such namespace: d
clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: No such namespace: d
    line: 14


this is what the sift :add-jar ... is doing in our boot task, but it's not supposed to do it continually


I think I'm a bit lost as to how to solve the problem


boot generates a clj file based on the content of your ~/.boot/profile and the build.boot file, this is usually where errors like this hide


to see the generated files with line numbers you can do this: boot -b | cat -n


*generated file


the other place i would look is, are you using an http task, or any other task that takes a namespace as an argument? the task might be loading clj code, and i'd look at line 14 of whatever that namespace is


or maybe the task takes a ns-qualified symbol and is loading the namespace for you... place to look is that namespace


are there known problems with nrepl after changing the boot_clojure_version to 1.9.0 instead of alpha. I'm getting conflicting clojure versions when I try to boot up the repl



#Thu Jan 11 23:42:28 PST 2018


when started from the terminal I get error in process sentinel: Could not start nREPL server: Classpath conflict: org.clojure/clojure version 1.9.0 already loaded, NOT loading version 1.7.0, but from cider error in process sentinel: Could not start nREPL server: Classpath conflict: org.clojure/clojure version 1.9.0 already loaded, NOT loading version 1.2.0


@theeternalpulse try also specifying your clojure version in :dependencies in build.boot


ok, I was using the base boot config for my build.boot, didn't add clojure itself. Let me try that when I get home, thanks @martinklepsch