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@richiardiandrea yeah that’s kind of what I was thinking. I’m not sure how it could be done through the fileset though? I was rather thinking that there could be a boot task that scans the classpath for files like boot_cljs.pod.deps.edn and makes sure those dependencies are downloaded (without adding them to the classpath)


Haven't looked into deps.edn much; does it have anything similar to Maven scopes, but which could be extended with own scopes?


@juhoteperi are you thinking a boot task project could have a custom scope “pod” or something that would mark dependencies which may get loaded during runtime?


This could work for static analysis but then you might need to specify dependencies in code again since the Clojure process may not necessarily have access to the deps.edn file.


@martinklepsch ah yes that task would actually solve Daniel's problem but can also open the door to my other idea, in general it is probably a good thing to do