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hey guys, does anyone know how to export repl session to a text file or something ?|


@avabinary FWIF, this is a related tool, but it expects you do the exporting manually..


@avabinary there is also the .nrepl-history file that is automatically generated when you do stuff in the REPL


i find that useful sometimes


I'm on windows 10. I can't for the life of me to get boot to run with the correct java version. I have JAVA_HOME and BOOT_JAVA_COMMAND both pointing to the correct version, and it's on the PATH as well. Any idea what I might be missing?


Ok, weird. It looks like the path of the old java version was being appended to the PATH env var when i ran boot, even though it didn't actually exist on the PATH. Renaming the old version directory fixed the problem. But if anyone happens to know what was going on here I'd be interested