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Problem with boot-reload + wss: 1. boot-reload works fine over regular ws 2. http forwarding from 4443 to 4000 works fine (using node/http-server, same command forwards 8443 to 8000 -- and that one works with websocketrs) 3. my boot-reload line is:

(reload ...
           :ip ""
           :port    4000 
           :ws-host "s1" 
           :ws-port 4443
           :secure true
I read that as: 3a. boot-reload starts a WS server on 3b. the outputted js tells the client to look for s1:4443 3c. (outside of boot) on machine s1, I have a http-server which forwards 4443 ssl to 4000 http websocket.js:283 WebSocket connection to '<wss://s1:4443/>' failed: Connection closed before receiving a handshake response On client machine, I can do "telnet s1 4443" ; on s1, I CAN DO "telnet localhost 4000" How do I begin to debug this ?