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Hello fellow booticians, does anyone know if there’s away to configure multiple watches in a single task to trigger a set of different downstream tasks? For example: change to an scss file triggers sass compilation, change to cljs triggers cljs compiler and test etc.


lsnape usually this happens naturally since scss/cljs/etc only do stuff when file type they're interested in has changed


It seems working in the REPL with task definitions is basically unusable. If I try and load a ns with a deftask in it I get this message:

deftask my.ns/my-task was overridden
and the namespace loading exits. If I comment out the deftask then the ns loads as expected. Could this be a Cursive issue? I have not had this problem with previous versions of Boot. I am currently using Boot 2.7.2.


that's the first report of such behavior i've heard, but i don't use cursive