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Hey guys, can someone help me please. I can't figure out how to get boot-figwheel to work. It seems to be working, but compiled file doesn't get served. I've created small example project here: I would be enormously grateful.


You may ask, why figwheel, what's wrong with cljs-repl and boot-cljs. The problem is - it's extremely slow on incremental builds. Takes 8 to 12 seconds. It seems to be known - there's a reported issue about it. I'm trying to see if boot-figwheel fixes the problem for me


I don't know what exactly is happening, I've tried :recompile-dependents false, :parallel-build true, other stuff - still unable to fix it. boot-figwheel is the last resort - if that doesn't work, my teammates are talking about switching back to lein


@ag First compile 5 seconds for me and incremental compiles 0.5-1sec


Boot-figwheel completely ignores Boot filesets, pods etc. so if it is slow, the problem is different than in Boot-cljs and probably not related to Boot


Have you checked the issue I posted? it seems I'm not the only one having to deal with this

juhoteperi15:08:48 is just general issue about the small Boot overhead (+10% vs Lein)


Could be closed


There really isn't much Boot-cljs can do to improve that


I have never been able to reproduce reports about recompilation taking considerable more time thant with Lein


Yeah I don't know why it's happening in our project. Maybe because we have many .cljc files, maybe for other reasons, but it's really annoying.


Too bad it's a closed source project, replicating that in a separate open-source project would take considerable effort


Are you running OS X or Linux? (Or even windows)


also it seems for some reason it takes longer to load compiled (non-optimized) javascript. when using boot-cljs


@flyboarder question, have you ever tried to launch a node Repl using boot? Seems like it is failing here and maybe I am missing something.


hey @flyboarder i took a look at your boot-npm and boot-exec. i’m curious - are you able to get any npm task to actually run after it’s been installed? I feel like i’m running uphill against boot when trying to coordinate path, relative paths of files to node_modules, and the node_path. If I have a js file for example that I want to run with node my-file.js, I can never seem to align things properly so that any require('some-lib') doesnt throw with “cannot find module some-lib in node_modules”


@richiardiandrea I haven't gotten a node repl to work :(


so do you use any reload task for that?


Nope, no reload here, I restart boot


so no repl and no boot-reload?


correct, it’s slow when I need to restart boot, and I lose the live-reload awesomeness, but I havnt worked it into my workflow yet


@lwhorton I use them all the time ;)


@lwhorton basically you don't manage the node modules folder yourself, the boot-npm task does that for you, then boot-nodejs for actually running the server


@lwhorton if you need more help I'm available today, I'd also like to k ow how you are using it since it seems to be challenging for people


if you are curious here’s how i’m making it work, but i’m pretty sure it’s not boot idiomatic:


I get requests all the time for those packages


What is boot using for classpath building? Is there a way I can get that classpath?


Or alternatively the classloader