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is it fine to have multiple :init-fns in edn file? Having multiple requires seem to work (it has to be vector of vectors), but not sure the format of :init-fns


@ag not sure init-fns works that way, maybe you need the preloads compile option


@ag multiple init-fns is fine I think


Is it possible to keep a file between builds? I want to download a tool during the build (if it wasn't downloaded before) so that I can use it later.


Ok. there are a few add-cached- functions available. I'll take a look


Maybe this is what I need.


@manenko yes, that’s the right direction I believe 🙂


please try out 2.7.2-SNAPSHOT if you haven’t. has good stuff in it, most of what will probably be in 2.7.2 which is coming Real Soon ™️


looks like this release is chock full of goodies. i can't wait!


Hi. When a self-written task throws an exception, how do you debug this? I do get a stacktrace, but it contains mostly boot.core and clojure.core fns. Ultimately, it comes from


@ska looks like the task was called with malformed argument syntax. that’s the task argument parser failing


@alandipert I eventually figured that particular one out (I was passing options to the built-in push task as a map instead of key value pairs), but I am bumping into the next exception and that's why my question is really about: how do you debug such situations?


by situation, you mean when a function you didn’t write throws an exception?


While I am developing a task, I get a stack trace. From wherever. One idea that comes to mind is, if I could read the temporary build file that boot seems to create and which is referenced in the stack trace. I could probably look into that one. But it is deleted when boot finishes. Can I keep it? Or are there other means?


ah, yes. the -b option of boot is helpful. it prints your build.boot file as boot sees it


so to find the line number that corresponds to a stack trace you can do boot -b | cat -n


once your boot file gets too big to easily debug this way, it’s a good idea to move your tasks into namespaces/files


and then just require them from build.boot instead of defining them there


OK, -b helps a little bit. The final report always seems to be the last line, but the stack trace references a few others. Would not have helped in the original case, but good to know. Thanks.


No I get a java.lang.Exception: Multiple jar entries match: .*/pom.xml


that one means there are more than one pom.xml in the fileset. some might have been brought in by dependencies, sometimes people package them


that can happen after using uber especially


you can use show -f in your pipeline and grep for pom.xml to confirm


Yeah, I just created an uberjar which I want to push to a local Artifactory. I seem to have to compose my uberjar task onto my publish task because otherwise boot can not find the JAR file. Side note: the :file argument for the jar task and the push task seem to have slightly different semantics: The latter needs a "target" added in front of it. Funny enough, although I have a pom task too, my own pom.xml does not end up my uberjar. Oh, there is just too much going on at the same time.


one thing you could try is the --exclude option to uber


you can add pom.xml to the regex


or rather, to the set of regexes to exclude


I guess I am getting to the end of today's time slot for this. Will you be at euroclojure tomorrow? Maybe we could meet and I show you what I've got.


i wont, sorry


Too bad. No need to be sorry, your help is highly appreciated. If I manage to get this done, I'll add to Boot docs or snippets.


that would be great. i think your usecase (deploying uberjars to artifactory) is a common one


@ska I was able to publish to Maven with a couple of PRs that should be in the latest SNAPSHOT


I can provide guidance as soon as I land at EuroClojure, you can have a look at this working project:


The build.boot differs a bit from the standard ones (but I maintain it is more readable). In any case let me know if you need help


Hello! Is it possible to do colored pretty print in boot (as it's done for Leiningen here: )?


Cross posted from #spacemacs. I think it's boot related (I suppose it concerns caching of files in .boot/cache). I'm using spacemacs, clojure layer and I'm trying to refactor (rename a symbol)


or: do I need to commit the files? How to do this?