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Is the cljs-repl task supposed to pick up the default dependencies specified in $BOOT_HOME/profile.boot?


i’m wondering, is there a way to add dependency information to tasks? i was thinking of this as i was watching a talk james reeves gave on integrant. integrant (or duct) has the capability of adding modules which are groups of dependencies, and the system takes care of creating a total ordering based on the dependency information of all the things in each module. i think this would be super useful to have this kind of thing in boot. currently there are lots of tasks that need to be invoked in a particular order (e.g. cljs-repl must precede cljs, etc). it’d be nice if the system could help you make sure your task chain is assembled properly, either by taking care of ordering for you or at least warning you when you’ve gotten it wrong.


@pandeiro the $BOOT_HOME/profile.boot should be evaluated before your build.boot script, so I’d say yes. is that not happening for you?


No, unfortunately I'm getting that cider-nrepl version mismatch error when I try to M-x cider-connect


Even though the correct dep version and middleware are specified in profile.boot


And in fact, in the REPL I see them in boot.repl/*default-dependencies* and middleware


hm. i don’t use cider, so i won’t be much help here. i’m assuming you’ve seen this?


Yeah, that's how it's always worked


Turns out it doesn't even work for me with boot repl -s wait, nevermind cljs-repl


(deftask remote-client-prod []
   (garden :styles-var 'c.gui.css/base)
   (cljs :ids #{"main"}
         :optimizations :advanced
         :compiler-options {:source-map-timestamp true})
   (sift :include #{#"\.out"} :invert true)
    :dir #{"../resources/aws/prod/"})))
is therea wa to add a shell command to execute at the end of the target? (after the code is compiled, I want to scp it to another machine)


scp issue resolved


my issue with repl task not included deps from profile.boot was due to a lib bringing in a transitive dep on cider/cider-nrepl that was overriding the profile version 😕


sneaky stuff