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holy cow… @alandipert you might be right… at least I can start repl now


or… wait.. maybe not


no, yes, you’re right! guava it is


sweet :thumbsup:


hi folks, boot-new users (and @seancorfield), please take a look at some preliminary doc I’ve written on template development, at


That’s on the doc branch. I’ve also created a “multi” branch that contains preliminary support for multiple templates per project (e.g. support for -t Feedback welcome.


@ag last time - about half a year ago - when i tried jetty 9, i couldn't make it work either. u need to modify the bootclasspath of java to make it work but i was just getting various errors and it was just a rabbit hole, so i gave up. instead i configured an nginx with http2 support as a proxy just to see wether it can speed up page loading on localhost but it was actually slower in the end.


Based on a previous work (see LICENSE for details) I created a boot/hoplon reveal.js library and a sample app .All works fine in a basic form. However I have a few questions (context in 1) do lib and client code need to share the same hoplon version? (line 3) 2) Any subsequent version of hoplon/boot-hoplon "0.2.1" fails to build the library. (line 4 in the build.boot). Somehow it is related to missing ns in deps file. Is that I do something wrong or it is a bug in the l`boot-hoplon`?


PS. The lib is not posted to clojars yet, a standard boot build installs that locally.