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Next boot-cljs will have refactored compiler option handling which should support user provided values for every option, but provide defaults like previously:


I'll probably write another doc about how to serve Cljs compiler artifacts from filesystem, instead of classpath


And maybe I'll write blog post about this also as this is the reverse of what I have recommended 😄

Joe R. Smith14:04:08

How can I pass the absolute path of a file to a boot task (from another boot task using with-pre-wrap to get at the fileset). It doesn’t seem like boot tasks can/should be called from within a with-pre-wrap. I’m trying to use boot-exec‘s exec task, but the command-line process I’m trying to call needs the absolute path to some files in my fileset. 😕


When you need to run external application from boot task (inside the middleware, with-pre-wrap), you should probably use boot.pod/sh instead:


Tasks are not supposed to be used from inside other tasks


Though boot.pod/sh obviously wont take care of setting up pwd and adding output files to fileset


It has three parts: 1. Copying necessary input files from fileset to temp dir 2. Running the commands inside the temp dir 3. Copying interesting files from temp dir to fileset


I’ll re-raise my Q from yesterday, now there’s more eyes in the channel: If I specify -d on the command line, it doesn’t seem to pick up :repositories from ~/.boot/profile.boot (so it doesn’t find artifacts that aren’t in Central/Clojars). Is that expected behavior?


(and that’s outside a Boot project folder)


And, as noted yesterday, if I do boot repl instead, that does pick up ~/.boot/profile.boot because I can merge-env! in that dependency and it finds it just fine.


@seancorfield that isn't ideal behavior, i think it should respect repository settings in build.boot


@micha To be clear: this is in the absence of build.boot — but it didn’t seem to run ~/.boot/profile.boot which surprised me a bit.


ah yeah that also


handling the -d option properly is a little tricky


It just means you can’t easily just start a REPL with dependencies that come from non-standard repositories. Worth a note in the Boot docs I think.