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Is it possible to speed up initial cljs build time? Particularly when nothing has changed?


what’s the proper way to set *warn-on-reflection* via a build.boot? I’d like it to be set when the repl server starts


@dm3 in your build.boot? alternatively you could do like boot repl -e '(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)'


altho i suppose in the latter example thats setting it when the client runs, not the server

Joe R. Smith17:03:06

good morning. I’m using the boot-npm and boot-exec tasks to install npm packages, generate a package.json and then run npm build run. The last of those can’t find the package.json generated by the previous. I’ve confirmed, using show, that package.json is indeed in the fileset. Anything obvious I’m missing? `(comp (npm/npm :install {:storm-react-diagrams "" :react "15.4.2" :react-dom "15.4.2"} :include true) ; includes package.json in the fileset (exec/exec :process "npm" :arguments ["run" “build”]))`

Joe R. Smith17:03:17

oops, meant that to be a snippet