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also, guys who use vim and fireplace, is it possible to have 2 repls one for clojure and another for cljs at the same time, like CIDER lets you?


and anyone using Cursive, your input is also appreciated


@ag Cursive can definitely do this. Something that I’m planning to work on very soon is a combined clj/cljs REPL which should be much easier to work with.


noob question how do I start serve task non-blocking fashion with repl from command line


@cfleming cool, awesome to know! is it documented somewhere? I don’t use Cursive but my teammates do


@ag Actually, I see that I don’t discuss that in the doc ( My doc is sadly in need of some love, so I’ll be updating it when I start working on that.


Basically, just run as many REPLs as you want, and they’ll appear in tabs. Forms sent from editors etc go to the active tab.


Thanks Colin!


No worries! I don’t have built-in CLJS REPLs yet, but they’re coming soon, at that point they’ll have the same test integration etc as Clojure has right now.


@ag Vim is fundamentally different in it's integration with cljs. Do to that you open another terminal and do: boot repl -c then (connect-to-the-cljs-repl-fn)


You can do :Piggieback if you're using fireplace, as instructed in the boot-cljs-repl readme in order to add integration for :Eval and cp etc.


hey folks, I'm looking for a fast and easy to use test runner for clj and cljs , any recommendation ? a test env setup recommendation would be awesome