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Is there a limit to the number of files you can have in your resource directory? The only thing I'm changing is the number of files I have in the resource directory and boot dev either works fine or I get adzerk.boot_cljs.util.proxy$clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo$ff19274a: No such namespace: adzerk.boot-cljs-repl, .... This also seems to happen on a Mac and not a Linux box.


@grant you see anything else beyond that line? There are known issues with Mac and resource directories that contain a large number of directories but usually they would show up as an error and not silently suck up files


@grant does it happen constantly when you trigger new watch cycles with e.g. touch src/...?


@martinklepsch No, that was the only error. My test branch, which was reliably failing yesterday, seems to have magically fixed itself overnight. If it starts doing it again, I keep working on getting to a minimal example. But given that it is now an intermittent problem, may be harder to diagnose. It would only happen once when I first started the dev task. It seemed to work after that.


I've been seeing that no such namespace: adzer.boot-cljs-repl error myself, but very randomly and haven't been able to reproduce it. No idea what is causing it.


@juhoteperi: what do you think about this PR? ^