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@micha a question, if I do:

(-> fileset
          (boot/add-resource tmp-dir)


once the task finishes, should I see the files in tmp-dir if I use io/resource?


my spider instinct says yes, but I am not seeing the files at all 🙂


I confirm the above ^ happens


I’m having a wierd error trying to use a local maven repo. I’ve got one library that i’ve put into the repo and another that tries to import it. I can see when I boot build that the library is found and the jar is copied into the local maven repo. I’ve unpacked the contents of the jar that’s in ~/.m2/repository and the classes exist. However the build fails because boot can’t find anything on the classpath. I’m not sure what else to do!


Here’s the maven command: mvn install:install-file -Dfile=target/schema-api-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar -DgroupId=hexy -DartifactId=schema-api -Dversion=0.0.1 -Dpackaging=jar -DgeneratePom=true -DcreateChecksum=true -DlocalRepositoryPath=repo and the boot repo config: (set-env! :repositories #(conj % ["local-repo" {:url "file:///<path>/schema-api/repo"} ]) )


If I just require the dependency: i.e. (:require [hexy/schema-api "0.0.1”]) It builds but when I require something specific in the codebase it can’t find them.


How can I reload java class file in boot repl after modification and re-compilation? For lein, there’s lein-virgil. Currently I have to reload my cider session and this is really painful. T_T


i'm looking for documentation on the ":scope" qualifier in the dependencies. what does it actually do?


in particular, i'm writing a task that's supposed to use the "test" scope set of dependencies, but i don't get how that works


@fossifoo: scopes are mostly about how a dependency is treated, they are a maven thing so googling "Maven scopes" should bring up some good info


@martinklepsch ah, since you are here personally, my question is actually mostly about boot-garden. mind if i DM you?


If it's not something personal/secret I think it's nicer to stay in the public channels


ok, np, so here's the whole deal:


actually, let my just gist my build.boot

fossifoo11:10:22 i'm using boot-garden to convert CSS, but when i use boot-test/test to start my e2e tests, it fails because it's missing garden in the deps


so i have to fiddle with the source path a lot in this and i assume somehow the test-e2e task does not use the "test" scope deps. but i don't get why or how it would in the first place


src/cljs is my app, src/clj is garden, test/clj is the e2e/clj-webdriver test which i actually want to start


Your garden dependency is commented out


Other than that, adding it as a dep is pretty much what I was going to suggest


Have you tried without the scope test thing?


yes, that's what seems to work as a "workaround", but i don't get why. shouldn't boot-garden add it anyway?


the pods are nice to keep the classpaths separate, but in real setups i always end up with complex source-path fiddling like this that seems to be contrary to what i really want to do


i guess what i really want is to separate test-unit, test-e2e and running/building the app for the test


so it seems like all tasks would then have to be in pods


afk for a while


@fossifoo You want boot-garden to isolate your garden dependency, if you're using it for completely isolated creation of garden files to css. Are you having a problem that your tests use garden?


the problem with figwheel is that the nature of the watcher/compiler is that it assumes the file system as mutable, and serves from the resources...I think I will have a way to make it work but it will be a super hack