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Hey yall, I’m trying to migrate my boot-http based stack to nginx using nginx-clojure. It’s challenging to search for a ‘boot-nginx’ for obvi reasons. Has anyone done this before specifically and how do I approach something like this in general as I’m still somewhat new to boot.


@georgek: havn’t done that, but out of interest, what benefit would boot-nginx provide over boot-http ?


I've just come up with some silly questions: - what is the expected behavior when one of the tasks in current Boot pipeline throw an exception? I find Boot pipeline similar to Nodejs pattern of [error, sucess] callback (hell) but without error - what's the best way to restart Boot pipeline after fixing by editing build.boot? Let's say Clojure REPL is one of current pipeline tasks

braai engineer05:05:59

Possible to use boot on Heroku?

braai engineer06:05:45

Hm, I see Heroku runs: java $JVM_OPTS -cp target/myapp-standalone.jar clojure.main -m myapp.core.handler so not really needed


@petrus: In theory you could download Boot as your setup step on Heroku, but startup would be very slow as it would then have to self-install Boot, before it could even start downloading other dependencies... I think I saw a repo with an example of that...


I’m working on a workflow with React. I would like to be able to use cljsjs/react-with-addons for testing builds while using cljsjs/react for other builds. I am aware of the existence of scope but I’m trying to figure out how to leverage in this context.


@myguidingstar: the way i reload build.boot is with (load-file "build.boot")