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is there a way to force boot-reload to re-require namespaces, i'm running into an issue where i change a string's value def'd in a file/namespace which isn't my core entry point for cljs-boot (its' required) and it will trigger a reload, but the variable isn't actually updated to the new string... if i move the exact def into my core cljs entrypoint and change the string there, reloading works fine and saving triggers a reload and accurately updates the variable


@mil: you can save the file of the namespace you want to reload


@micha thanks -- figured out it was an issue with a fn not re-running in my separate ns and wound up solving it by atom deref'ing


A simple task lib and app, intended to make it easier to explore boot by learning how to break things


It's very minimal at the moment but I expect to add bits as I learn more about how not to do things. 😉


@mobileink: that's a neat idea


I love to bust stuff.


A related idea you might consider for version 3.0: treat test cases as documentation. I've switched to this on my projects - carefully written, the test cases express something close to the axioms of an algebra. so reading the test cases and reading the source code are dual. might be very useful for boot, where I've had to do lots of experimenting.


how can I capture stdout from dosh? This isn't working: (let [info (with-out-str (boot.util/dosh "bower" "info" ~package))]...). When run this prints the cmd output to screen and does not bind it to info.


what is the best way of solving a lein bug? Switch to boot 😄


no ok, I was joking, have you guys any idea of how this can be possible?


@mobileink: if you want to capture the output i think you probably want to use the function instead


the boot dosh functions are for when you want to stream the output to the user mostly


like as it's produced, instead of after the process is finished


alternatively you can do some shuffling around with *out* and *err* perhaps


but i haven't tried so there are probably weird things with that


@richiardiandrea: yes this is a problem caused by not having pods simple_smile


lein adds ghost dependencies to your project in certain profiles which can interfere with your own dependencies


i ran into this with boot as well


with nrepl


Hey @micha you're definitely right...btw I don't know if you've already done it but I have a fix for improving #401, so please wait for it before merging ok?