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@micha: what do you think about enhancing the shell wrapper so that it uses the BOOT_JVM_OPTIONS from It's possible and I can't think of a good reason not to do it.


@martinklepsch: the only reason why we haven't is windows


ah right, because there we don't have some kind of shell thing around the jar, yes?


you could print

WARNING: BOOT_JVM_OPTIONS doesn't work on Windows, see 


And then any project which depends on it can not be used by a windows dev or a typical commercial client.


Not that it is a hard requirement by any means. But a workaround for a feature which doesn't work on windows would be very helpful.


@laforge49: JVM options work on windows afaik — this is just about reading them from


For example, my workaround for not being able to run unit tests in clojure script is to write more demos. Which has its good points and its bad points. And yes, there are workarounds for all things windows--containers--but windows devs are the last to move into that technology. Myself included. (One thing at a time I say. And much as I want to learn containers, I'm already dealing with enough new stuff.)


So provide an alternative. Some code that reads the properties and brings up another jvm. Implement the alternative first. And then do it the right way for nx devs. Hugs and kisses all around!


I just worry that making windows users second class citizens will be a barrier to getting tech mainstream. But who knows? If MS doesn't get its act together in mobile, windows compatibility may someday become moot.


@laforge49: This might already be alternative enough: Anyways I didn't mean to deemphasise needs of windows users, mostly was just curious why it's not there yet


Sounds cool. I know windows is a pain for nx devs. And the dislike is well deserved as MS made things painful intentionally. I remember too well how MS behaved in the bad old days--still do not trust them. So I'm uncomfortable in the role of windows champion. ;-(


@laforge49: it's great if someone speaks up for the windows devs


it's too easy to forget about them


I'm new to this tech and still very excited about it. And for me clojurescript is opening the door to js, which I know nothing about. So I also play advocate for all those back-end devs who never learned js but who will someday be enabled by clojurescript. And, of course, many of those devs are also windows devs. I've never had problems playing the fool but these days I'm getting way to much exposure as one. 😄


it's good fun. js is a bit weird at times but not too bad


having fun today playing with indexedDB. JS is very rich in resources, so cljs is opening a huge world for me.


Hi, does anyone know of a good boot heroku buildpack?