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I just forked @dnolen's om-next-demo and created a boot script for it. It has server code auto-reload using @danielsz's System


Let’s say that I’m running a shell command (like node) in a task, and this shell command expects a certain file structure. However, Boot only passes virtual filesets to Boot tasks, which the shell command would not understand. Is there a way to create something like a temporary directory that has actual copies of all the files in a certain part of the virtual fileset, just for this shell command to read?


I suppose I could make a tmp-dir, filter the input fileset for the files that I need, and then copy each of them into the tmp-dir


that's how i would do it


Right, thanks; typing the problem up made it clearer to me, heh.


This might be a useful core API function in general, but it shouldn’t be too hard to do manually too.


it copies something from the fileset into a directory, preserving the dir hierarchy


Ah, I see how this works. Thanks!


Is there a way to filter a fileset’s files for all descendants of a given directory, without resorting to file-filter?