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@flyboarder it's possible to update npm and bower webjars through their ui


@juhoteperi: this is the first i am seeing of this!! 🍻


@juhoteperi: I was playing around with webjars lastnight and I noticed that using them still does not resolve my underlying bower issue. As of version 1.6.2 you are now able to ignore dependencies which you do not want downloaded. Using webjars for the polymer library will still install webcomponentsjs as it is listed as a dep. Instead of this I wanted to use webcomponentsjs with cljs as a foreign lib instead of including it later.


the latest version of the bower task 0.2.0 which I created allows for installing deps with :install as well as targeting an output dir in target and :ignore for ignoring deps (requires 1.6.2 bower on the system)


@flyboarder you can use maven exclusions to ignore depedencies


@juhoteperi: Perfect! Exactly what I needed.