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Any pointers on using boot for node cljs development?


@martinklepsch: I didn’t try it with gzip yet. But I can and let you know. Do you know if there is boot task that can gzip files?


@ryanmcg: I have started with the [boot-cljs-example]( that run tests using node-testrunner


@ryanmcg: I have created a minimalist project that only compile a lib and run associated tests on Node:


Hello Boot users, I just start using Boot for my CLJS projects. It's awesome. Does anyone use Boot with CursiveClojure ? Do you have hints/tips to use both ?


@podviaznikov: I wrote a simple gzip task, will put it up today and ping you again


I was considering making a PR to boot-s3 with it but it’s probably best if people can still use it independently + it might be easier to find


@bcachet: just read your question now — I assume connecting to a running boot repl process is akin to connecting to a remote REPL as described here:


@martinklepsch nice! I will try gzip and s3 tasks together and let you know


cool! this seems to become a fairly potent tool for deploying static sites simple_smile


@martinklepsch: yeah, I connect to a Remote REPL that I started via an "External Command" I also started my dev task (compiling JS from CLJS and reload page when JS/CSS is updated) via an external command. But to get a working CursiveClojure, I needed to create a Leiningen project.clj file in order to be able to use Cursive plugin.


I haven’t used Boot with Cursive yet so I don’t really have other ideas than pinging @cfleming for help simple_smile


bcachet: Yes, sadly using boot requires a project.clj right now to trick Cursive


bcachet: martinklepsch: I’m planning to add boot support sometime soon since I suspect I want to use it for building Cursive itself (Ant currently)