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@micha @alandipert if you have a moment can you clarify the differences between base.jar and base-jar-with-dependencies.jar— from what I can see: - base.jar: built with mvn -q install - -with-depdendencies: built with mvn -q assembly:assembly - both are similar in size Could we eliminate one of them? do we need both?


Actually it seems that the base.jar after mvn -q install is only 16K — only after the assembly plugin runs the filesize goes to about 10M. Interestingly all the jars for boot/base on Clojars are 8M+ which makes me think, maybe we never uploaded the 16K jar?


also it seems that boot/base hasn’t been downloaded nearly as much as other boot jars


Not tested, just read and seems fine.


Can probably do it, I am working a bit on the other boot patch anyways today


Hi folks @martinklepsch & al. I was aiming at providing a test for #544 but I ended up refactoring tests a bit, I will open a WIP PR


martinklepsch re: base.jar i don't know. but i pinged micha, if you don't hear from him in the next day or few let me know and i can pester him again 😃