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Has anyone run into any issues with colors not appearing? For example, bg-blue-500 works fine and bg-red-500 doesn’t show at all? Just checking with you all before I dive into it. There’s lots of stuff online about this issue mentioning css processors and so on, and apparently, also, the colors evolved a bit between Tailwind 2 and 3, but that isn’t a factor here I think.


I had the same issue a while ago because I was building the classes programmatically, e.g. (str "bg-" color "-500") won't work. Make sure you don't do that... Other than that, no issues here.


Hahaha! That’s exactly what I was doing. In a case.

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And… now it works. Thank you!


or actually the message before that: > tailwind doesn't parse the Clojure code, it just uses regex to look for classes within any files in the src directory


Ah! When I read that I wasn’t really grokking it… now I do.

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