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Michael W17:02:01

Hello, and thank you so much for this awesome web app framework!

Michael W17:02:12

I think I have found an issue in your new tutorial.

Michael W17:02:59 On this page, in the section on replacing the home function, there is a line: [:.text-sm recaptcha-disclosure] This outputs com.example.feat.home$recaptcha_disclosure@4560b07f instead of the actual text I expect to see. I was able to fix it by replacing the line in home.clj with this: [:.text-sm (recaptcha-disclosure {:link-class "link"})]

Jacob O'Bryant17:02:18

Glad you're enjoying it! I think you may have missed an earlier section on that page--the recaptcha-disclosure defn should've been replaced with a def, which I believe will resolve the problem.

Michael W17:02:31

I actually did that on purpose I am using the tutorial but making my own app, not the eelchat app. So that is just my bad I guess and not an issue with the tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to look at it.

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