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Biff fanboy alert. bweep bweep bweep… This Thanksgiving I’m super grateful for Biff. I just got a cool thing running with ease in a few hours. I just could never get these simple utility projects off the ground before… too many parts to figure out with clj/cljs libraries for things like email auth. I never liked going through setting up a ‘traditional’ stack and having to wallow around in node and JS and all that. So I have a backlog of projects I want to make. I’m excited to start finally getting them deployed. And the perhaps more important knock-on benefit is that I’m learning much more about Clojure in the process. I learn fundamentals best by solving ‘real world’ things in my own life with actual projects, so this is a perfect catalyst.

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indeed! btw, there's a #C02BJCKN0R4 channel, which is indicative of how great the clojure community is 🙂


I didn’t know that! That is cool.

Jacob O'Bryant04:11:54

I'm thankful for everyone who's been willing to give biff a try :)

Lyn Headley19:11:17

Really cool how Biff apps encourage the use of middleware when implementing application logic itself, rather than just treating middleware as something exported by infrastructure projects.

Jacob O'Bryant19:11:21

just seemed like a natural thing to do/easy way to type less 🙂