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Awesome stuff, all of it. Congratulations on Clojurists Together! The proposed projects all sound great. I’ll be thrilled if you implement threaded conversations with replies somewhere, but that’s just a selfish wish because of a project I’m working on. Rolling in live chat somewhere would showcase Biff superpowers.


The ‘learning more Clojure through Biff’ is actually what’s already underway for me. I’ve learned far more from it than I had previously. Biff worked out of the box enough to keep me from getting bogged down at the start. On top of that you’ve brought me to HTMX and Tailwind which are both awesome. The HTMX documentation and community are unbelievable and the approach has really simplified things.

Jacob O'Bryant17:10:29

Thanks! I'm sure it'll have threaded convos sooner or later 🙂 .