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Jacob O'Bryant21:06:48

By the way, some personal news: I've decided to start freelancing/consulting part-time. (A few background details for anyone curious.) Just barely starting to look for clients and try to figure out my positioning. I have a few connections in the newsletter/media space from working on The Sample, and so far my plan A is to do "technical consulting for media companies" (though I need to narrow that down...), since I think it would be complementary with my entrepreneurial addiction pursuits. However I'm open to anything that might be a good fit for my skills! (i.e. mainly Clojure web dev with a pinch of ML and dev ops mixed in). Especially if it could involve Biff. So if you got any leads, I'd appreciate it 🙏 Probably will post on #jobs at some point, but would like to talk to some contacts first

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Jacob O'Bryant23:06:39

@taylor.jeremydavid and I will be doing some pair programming on a Biff project ( on July 7th @ 16:30 UTC. Calendar event: If you're interested in being the driver (with plenty of support from myself!) in a future session, click the Santa reaction. > This is the first of hopefully multiple Biff Pair Programming Sessions®, in which we work on some issues from a Biff project and then chat or whatever. It'll be pretty relaxed; a great way to make sure you're getting enough screen time, and learn each other some Clojure web dev while we're at it. > > This time, Jeremy Taylor will be driving! (Please clap.) We'll work on some Platypub issues ( July 7th @ 16:30 UTC. > >

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