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I'm learning a lot from using biff with htmx, one thing I'm wondering is will there be effort to bubble up the right errors during development. I'm finding I have to switch from the console to the editor to the browser, refreshing to see if it took, etc. Is there any strategy you propose to see errors early and often and easily with this kind of workflow as it is different than my ususal react figwheel/shadow-cljs workflow

Jacob O'Bryant19:05:02

Nothing in the works yet--for myself I've just been doing the save file -> check terminal -> refresh browser window workflow--however I think it wouldn't be terribly difficult to do auto-refresh and heads-up display with htmx. We'd need to establish a websocket connection, similar to what's done in the app.clj file; modify com.biffweb/eval-files! to return the stacktrace if there's an error when reloading code; then modify com.example/on-save so that after reloading code it either sends the stacktrace (on failure) or sends a command to refresh the page (on success)


That looks great, like how it's shaping up.