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Drew Verlee21:04:11

@foo I'm building a newsletter service and I'm curious if you have written down what you have learned from your experience so far. Also can you explain at a high level how biff is part of Sample? Just some casual Saturday questions. ;)

Jacob O'Bryant21:04:42

I've learned lots of stuff :) I have a few blog posts at but nothing really focused on lessons learned so far. anything in particular you're wondering about? I do think there's a need for more/different newsletter services so I'd love to hear about what you're working on. are you doing it as a business or just as a side project? I actually spent a few hours last night writing up a blog post describing what I'd like to see in a newsletter + blogging platform. I can drop a link to that later today. I'm planning to use it as an ongoing example project for biff that people can contribute to and stuff.

Jacob O'Bryant22:04:20

for biff + the sample--we have one web server and one worker. the "enable-web" /"enable-worker" stuff in biff was based on how we have that set up. I have a modified task file that takes web or worker as a first argument, so if I'm working on the web server I run ./task web prod-dev etc. we have an ML pipeline that runs daily on the worker which trains our recommendation model. the worker also has a daily task that sends out the emails every morning. it also maintains a queue of recommendations for each user, so as they're using the web app they can get one recommendation after another tinder-style. let me know if that's what you had in mind haha