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Jacob O'Bryant11:03:11 went faster then I thought. They're all done, and I've merged to master. Waiting on clojars admin to verify the com.biffweb group for me (though I'm also considering just sticking with git dependencies as the sole way to depend on Biff... any preferences? Is it nicer to have {:mvn/version "1.2.3"} in your deps.edn instead of {:git/url "" :sha "dd05832d3621ff1d1a00eb2b82c58d986d32be2a"} or does it not matter?) So yeah, the release is basically ready! Just need to update the github issues (shouldn't take long) and write an announcement blog post. I'm going to do the announcement on 4 April.

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Fantastic! I like :mvn/version personally. Not a big deal either way though.


Could the seven-char short sha also be an option?


Agreed not big deal but I like :mvn/version

Jacob O'Bryant23:03:58

ah forgot about the 7 char thing. looks like that also requires having the tag which might be a benefit, so you can easily tell what version you have. I'll try that and see how I like it vs :mvn/version