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Jacob O'Bryant10:03:34

Biff has a real landing page now:

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.So is the new version ready to roll now?

Jacob O'Bryant18:03:41

mostly. main thing left is updating documentation. there's also a handful of code cleanup I need to do. but you can try it out in the meantime. that would be helpful as a beta test too. you can use the new project command that's shown on the landing page


The consistent structure across the feature namespaces is really nice to read top to bottom. For each feature we see the dependencies and functions involved, then the definition of the features map portion to be merged is given. The routes and static page paths match the feature namespaces, making it easy to see how it all fits together. Nice work.


Dev branch typo in repl.clj: fix-print function needs to be biff/fix-print

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Jacob O'Bryant05:03:43

glad you like it! I'll fix the fix-print thing soon