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Exciting stuff! I'd be interested to hear more (or at least see a link) about what develop-in-prod actually looks like. It sounds scary, but potentially game-changing. I'm looking forward to see where all of this goes!

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Jacob O'Bryant18:02:57

Hm, might be a good opportunity for a screencast... any specific questions beyond the description in the post, or would you mainly be interested to see a demo?


Yeah just that. I'm new to the idea, but have solid understanding of dev workflows and dev vs. prod environments. (This sounds similar to some things I've heard about DarkLang, maybe? Or at least the idea of reducing the conceptual gaps between dev and prod.) Anyway, yeah, just an overview to see what the workflow is like, and why maybe it's not as scary as it sounds (e.g. if I eval something with a syntax error, it won't bring down prod) are the main things.

Jacob O'Bryant03:02:32

yeah, from looking over dark's landing page it does sound like some of the benefits are similar. probably soon after I do the next release I'll write up a blog post and/or do a screen recording for you dev in prod. the main danger is that it's possible to get in a state where the currently running code works but fails after you restart the app. that's already a somewhat common criticism of purely local repl-driven development--doing it in prod makes failed restarts way worse, and I suspect there will be at least one person who flames me for encouraging others to do things this way ;)

Jacob O'Bryant04:02:59

there's a relevant discussion going on over at clojureverse right now: see Richard_Heller's comments for downsides of repl driven dev