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Jacob O'Bryant20:11:58

oh no, now that Slack's given us free history, everyone will see I still haven't made another release like I projected I have written a fair amount of the relevant code and am happily using it in my startup. It's on the dev branch, not that I recommend anyone else use that. "Biff release" is currently item #30 on my todo, out of 31. Few updates on the previous points: • Still haven't actually used htmx, but still am planning to • I'll probably leave some of the develop-in-prod stuff (namely, rsync-local-files-to-the-server-and-eval-on-every-write) out of the template because it is a tad brittle, but I'll put it under the Recipes section. I am going to make other changes to the template to facilitate that, though. For example, instead of building a JAR, I'll just have the server use clj directly (which means you can easily add new files to the production app without needing to rebuild the jar or even restart the process). • biff.xt namespace is done • Reitit stuff is basically done, though I don't think I've updated the template project accordingly New bullet points: • I'm going to add some config options for specifying if the app should be a web server, a worker, or both. So in dev and early-stage prod you can do both, then when needed easily switch prod to use separate web server(s) and worker(s), while still having a single build artifact. (I'm in the middle of doing this with my startup). • Might be nice to add some convenience code for backing up a standalone XT tx log/doc store to s3 or something to facilitate running in production without paying for managed postgres. I'll probably also add a helper config option to use-xt for using s3 for the doc store. • Part of me wants to ditch the whole "biff is split up into 10 separate tiny libraries" thing and just have a single lib, since it adds complexity to managing the code base and the whole thing is only a few thousand lines of code anyway. but... it still would be nice to let people exclude biff's dependencies if they don't need them. :man-shrugging: need to think more about this. (Would it break certain builds/be bad in some other way if we used requiring-resolve a lot instead of requiring things via (ns ... like usual? so then you can add exclude dependencies and it'll only break if you try to call a function that needs one of the excluded deps) • I'd like to play around with google cloud run, which I've heard lots of good things about on HN, and see how the experience/cost compares to plain VPSes on digitalocean • I'll move the docs from to since I'm no longer using the Findka brand, which was an umbrella for several different projects I built while I tried to figure out something that would actually work as a business. (I've settled on now). Speaking of the business, it's doing fairly well (~$1k/month). I wrote recently. If I can bring that up a level or two further, Biff should have plenty of development/resources behind it indefinitely. In the short term, Biff releases will continue to be few and far between while I focus on growing the startup. (Didn't get into YC, but we did get the "you were in the top 10% of applications we rejected, definitely try again next time lol" email)

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Steven Deobald21:11:11

Thanks for the update, Jacob. It's great to get caught up on what you've been working on.

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Drew Verlee01:11:30

It's good to hear things are going well.

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