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localhost is there: 262144} 20:27:18.987 INFO [org.projectodd.wunderboss.web.Web] (main) Registered web context / #:biff.web{:host->handler {“localhost” #object[ring.middleware.ssl$wrap_hsts$fn__13474 0x21485430 “ring.middleware.ssl$wrap_hsts$fn__13474@21485430"]}} System started.

Jacob O'Bryant00:06:58

I just noticed above you said: > That helps but I get a “not found” at http://localhost:8080/index instead of a login Was a typo or is that the url you tried? I would expect that to return "not found". Does return "not found"?


I can try again but I typed in locahost:8080

Jacob O'Bryant00:06:46

ok. yeah, try just clicking on http://localhost:8080 . Also try http://localhost:8080/index.html . If those fail, perhaps there's a bug in the file handler ( I have an issue to replace that custom file handler anyway (, so maybe that will fix it.


It worked I have no idea why it didn’t before all I did was add the debug code then take it out — I did notice a: ” shadow-cljs - server pid exists but server appears to be dead, proceeding without server. ” that I hadn’t seen before

Jacob O'Bryant00:06:46

ah wonderful. interesting. the message about shadow-cljs shouldn't make a difference. so I have no idea why it wasn't working before... but at least it's working now 🙂. Let me know if you run into any more problems.


Hi, @foo, thank you for sharing your project. Here is my first "installation experience" on Windows OS: bash is not "natively" available on Windows so here is my "unbundling" of: using windows PowerShell; 1) OK 2) OK 3) OK 4a) npm install 4b) clj -Sresolve-tags 5a) npx shadow-cljs server 5b) $Env:BIFF_ENV="dev" 5c) clj -m biff.core 6) OK 7) OK After steps 6 and 7, "email registration" works in Firefox. P.S. I was not able to complete "email registration" on other browsers (IE/Edge, Chrome (Version 83.0.4103.97). Registration link redirected me on the email input form again.

Jacob O'Bryant18:06:25

Hm. There must be a problem with setting the cookie. I'll see if I can reproduce that on windows tomorrow. Also-any suggestions on making the windows experience better? I'm not too familiar with windows as a dev environment. Do you think it's good enough to add a note to the docs saying "use windows subsystem for Linux or run the commands individually", or would it be significantly better if there was also a powershell script in the example project?