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Hello, Is there any conventions to name functions, which are 100% guaranteed not to return nil(ish) value?

Bob B04:07:11

not really

Bob B04:07:07

I'd say it's fairly common for docstrings to call out the situations when a function would return nil, so it's not a guarantee (not that a convention would be), but probably a good idea


Math people would maybe use "closed function" terminology to speak of something that returns the same set/group/type as the inputs. Not quite the same, but close.


Finally got my Android development environment working. I think all it's ok. I tested with @seancorfield usermanager-example and runs, builds and tests perfectly

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Sorry for on-screen fingers :P


Were you able to do it following existing published instructions somewhere? If not, and the steps are not very obvious, are you interested in writing an article describing the process?


Was not difficult at all, @U0CMVHBL2 My previous attempt failed because too much garbage I think. I would like to create a blog about my clojure journey, and I'm in the process of check some static site like Hugo or something like that

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Nim Sadeh14:07:25

Does anyone have a public example of a substantial web app that uses server-side HTML rendering with Tailwind and hot reload on both styling (Tailwind) and logic?

Mario Trost14:07:52

Perhaps have look at #C013Y4VG20J , I think it does reload on style changes, definitely uses Tailwind server-side rendered via #C08H80CUR

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