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Pedro Delfino12:10:11

Hi, I posted this question on Stack Overflow and someone said that it would be better to post it on Clojurians. Hence, this is what I am doing. Seems like a nice community! This is my first post, I am open to feedback for future posts:


@p.delfino01 clj-kondo doesn't fix anything automatically, but clojure-lsp can do that for you based on what clj-kondo finds. it also has integration with cljfmt I think

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Pedro Delfino12:10:50

Thank you! I will post your answer on Stack Overflow giving proper credit.


but to answer directly: no, there aren't any conflicts between cljfmt and clj-kondo

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Ben Lieberman16:10:13

Is there a way to add Maven plugins to a deps.edn? In the deps guide I'm seeing this "classifier" modifier like so "groupId/artifactId$classifier", is this what I need?


No, maven is only used for slurping dependencies


Classifiers are a variant of a dependency, unrelated to plugin stuff

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:10:19

if there's a specific need you're looking to fill from a Maven plugin, you can ask in #C6QH853H8, maybe there's something equivalent