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Is passing EDN over-the-wire considered a deprecated design implementation at this point? While browsing cljs-ajax, I noticed that its EDN parsing was marked as deprecated (, while Transit and JSON seem to be the options with the best performance. I know you can technically respond with application/edn as your data type when writing HTTP servers, but is this not something that people really do anymore?


Yes, people still use EDN over the wire. ClojureScript has clojure.edn for parsing it: -- but your choice depends on a number of things: is the back end Clojure or some other language? Is performance sufficiently critical to need Transit? Do you need more than just JSON?

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Ah, that makes sense. I'm currently trying to write a CLJS frontend and CLJ backend in parallel, so it seemed less obvious to me why others would want to pass a non-EDN type back and forth. Thanks so much!