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Neil Barrett02:02:56

Hi - I installed the latest version of Anaconda and now the Clojupyter kernel is not working. Since I have loads of notebooks using this, it is a disaster. Is there anywhere I can get help on this? I'm using Windows 10.


@U031SHMU469 There doesn't appear to be a dedicated channel here for Clojupyter so I suspect the best place to ask would be Discussions on the Clojupyter GitHub repo...?


@U031SHMU469 No, I've never used Clojupyter or Anaconda (and I do all my dev on either macOS or WSL2/Ubuntu, when I'm on Windows).

Neil Barrett18:02:06

After a stress climax, I regained my life: Installing Clojupyter on Windows 10 in Anaconda base environment: 1. Ignore - I couldn't get it to work 2. Use a. Install clj as directed on b. In PowerShell i. Set up the directories and their contents as instructed ii. Run clojure -A:depstar -m hf.depstar.uberjar clojupyter-standalone.jar iii. Run clj -m clojupyter.cmdline install --ident clojupyter --jarfile clojupyter-standalone.jar This will probably end with a message saying that the installation failed. Ignore it. c. At the Anaconda prompt (base) run jupyter kernelspec install %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\jupyter\clojupyter --user