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Thanks everyone for your help 😄 @hindol.adhya @dpsutton @elliot.stern @alexmiller @mitesh @pavlos

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For folks who have seen my usermanager example web app before, there is now a version that follows the Polylith architecture:

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Great, thanks! I’ve found the example very valuable in the past. Any takeaways from the rewriting it to use Polylith?


For a small app like this, it looks like a lot of extra complexity but the components are all very simple and it becomes very easy to extend and also to build new apps within the workspace that reuse those components.

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I am currently hit by this: (tools.deps does not handle maven relocations). How to proceed? I am guessing I need to use :replace-deps somehow?


Hi everyone, how do I get the confidence interval in Clojure. Like with a list of data of orders each week [40 0 60 30 ...] which corresponds to each week based on index. I understand for mean, I can just reduce the data to get the sum and divide by number of weeks


You can try asking in #data-science


Gotcha 🙂


Hi, am trying to evaluate if I should I try to do a golang distributed systems assignment with core.async instead 🙂 Any recommendations on links to get myself up to speed? Am looking at and at the moment. Am familiar with basic channels in golang


(I haven’t used it, but it looks sufficiently small and simple lib so you have a lower chance of drowning in complexity if something is not going according to plan)


Quite old though, hope it builds on current JVMs…


Hmmm, will look at it. But am is okay to just simulate things out all in a single Clojure program

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Specifically I need to implement Lamport's shared priority queue. If I did it in golang, am just expected to work with golang channels as they are. So think if I attempt this is Clojure will do that too


You may find this useful: (Since you mentioned distributed systems assignments and Golang - it reminded me of this.)

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Hi all! I'm doing a weekend cram session on clojure (first time user!) and I'm really enjoying it lambdalove Would anyone have any recommendations for high level style-guides or best practices (testing etc)?


This is a pretty good one . As with all styles, use what you want and makes sense to you, it's all subjective 🙂

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